Relationships made to last


We believe that positive relationships between people are at the heart of everything good. So why wouldn’t they be at the heart of residential construction projects, too? Here at Finesse, we put people first. That applies to our own employees and to everyone we work with, side by side and on the same page. To our approach, our processes and to our final products – guaranteed game-changers for residents, every single time. Because positive outcomes start with strong relationships and purposeful partnerships.

What if building were less about buildings and more about people?

places people
love to live in

We don’t simply build houses. We create spaces and places that people love to live in. That’s our ultimate goal – and our starting point. We approach every step in our process with that end result in mind: enhancing life and enabling communities to thrive. That means designs that maximise affordability and quality. That means being trusted and efficient. That means building at scale and focusing on the finest details. This is how we create places that feel like home, for everyone.

What if liveability reflected the different values of diverse communities?

Safety you can be sure about

Safety is fundamental to the way we run our business and build neighbourhoods. Of course it starts with us and our own employees, but for us it doesn’t stop there. We ensure all our partners, sub-contractors, and everyone else on our sites meets our high standards of safety. No compromises. Because when people are safe and happy, they work better, with fewer delays, enhanced quality and greater results for everyone involved. Safer sites, better neighbourhoods, brighter communities. It’s that simple. We’re always striving to improve too, so if you spot a safety issue on any of our sites or have a suggestion for how we can work even more safely, please let us know here.

What if every site put safety first, no ifs, buts or shortcuts?

Built on trust


They say a trusted reputation is never actually achieved; it’s earned anew every day. And that’s how we like to think about it. Never resting on our laurels or taking anything for granted. But working hard for it every day, on every site, with every partner. Doing the right things and doing them well, always with quality and care at heart. Never settling for ‘good enough’, but always striving for better. Backing up words and ideas with actions and outcomes – because at the end of the day, trust isn’t what you say, it’s what you do.

Trust takes proof, every single day.

Deeper connections with people and places

We believe that in order to grow strong and sustainable communities, it’s important to first establish a connection with the land and the people of each place. That’s why strong sustainable practices and relationships are essential to our approach. Working at every step to ensure we appreciate the significance of place and embed kaitiakitanga into our methods, attitudes and outcomes. Nurturing the communities we work in and managing our impact on the environment. Doing our bit to build better neighbourhoods while helping our society flourish and move forward. Creating a lasting positive legacy through communities that are valued today and enjoyed by future generations.

We’re from here, for here, for good.


Let’s talk

Whether you’re a prospective homeowner or a developer, a supplier or subcontractor, a funder or investor, Iwi or government, we’re here to help. Our door (and email inbox) is always open for questions and queries, and we’re always up for new partnerships and opportunities.

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